Most frequently asked questions and answers.

A – Transtox has years of industry experience, and through this we have discovered that asbestos cannot be 100% safely contained using current practices by wrapping asbestos with plastic sheeting.

We have observed throughout the years that there is a definite disadvantage to adopting the plastic sheeting method when removing and disposing of asbestos. Plastic may be incorrectly sized or fitted inside skip bins and other forms of packaging, therefore not containing the material safely. Our bag systems will not only maximise your work place and logistics efficiency, they will also provide a positive public perception of your business, understanding the importance of a safe, well-managed process. Transtox bags seeks to overcome all WHS/OH&S issues for workers and the community, eliminating potential issues one may have when containing and transporting asbestos waste products.

Q – Where can I purchase TransTox asbestos bags?

A – TransTox bags can be purchased online by clicking on PRODUCTS. We have warehousing throughout Australia and New Zealand and delivery is usually the next day depending on locality. Please use the website for purchasing your order or contact us for more information.

Q – Are there distributors in regional areas across Australia and New Zealand?

A – Currently TransTox distributes our products from capital city warehousing fast and efficiently. We are implementing future measures to accommodate distributors in every region in having stock on-hand for same day requirements.

Q – Can I view a TransTox bag before I purchase?

A – TransTox have YouTube demonstration videos to provide satisfactory information about each product. These videos will be uploaded to our website as they become available. For bulk pallet pre-orders our sales team will provide a sample for your pre-approval*.

Q – What payment methods do TransTox acccept?

A – We accept credit cards – Visa and MasterCard. We currently ship within Australia and New Zealand. Sorry, we do not accept cheques or COD shipping. For any other queries, please email our enquiries department.

Q – Will my credit card be charged for making a order?

A – Yes 100% will be charged to your credit card to secure your purchase. For government bodies, a purchase order will suffice.

Q – Why may a Back-order occur?

A – Due to high demand and promotion periods, TransTox manage all orders in a system that at times places your order on a Back order until stock comes available.

Q – Why RRP cost if under wholesale pallet quantity?

A – RRP costs are influenced by the quantity and weight of the products and your location. Wholesale purchases have maximum quantities calculated in the shipping per pallet.

Q – How long until my order arrives?

A – Orders made before 10am will be engaged for transport departing depot that day and delivery generally within the following day to transport destination depot .

Q – What if my delivery destination is in an isolated area?

A – Please e-mail us at if you feel you have a special order.

Q – Can purchases be returned?

A – We offer 100% Guaranteed No Hassle Returns on all our products. Simply contact us and return the product within 14 days. Returned merchandise must be unused (unless faulty), sealed and in original packaging and will incur a restocking charge of 20% of the purchase cost. Shipping is paid for and arranged by the sender. Please email us to advise us of the return before freighting it. We take care to ensure items are packed and dispatched safely from our warehousing, however, accidents can happen during transit and if you do receive damaged goods please contact us via email: sales@transtox.com.au to organise the procedure for damaged goods.

Please make sure the product(s) are taped up in the packaging they came in. Once received back to us we will investigate further for a resolution of a replacement order and/or refund.

Q – Have TransTox bags been tried and tested?

A – Our product has been tried and tested by our subsidiarity on sites over the last two years and has been successfully designed to suit various industries needs and services.

Q – Does TransTox products comply with safety standards of Australia and New Zealand?

A – The product has undergone rigorous Australian Standards testing, gaining NATA certification on all bag designs that guarantee quality products on the Australian and New Zealand markets.

Q – Does TransTox warrant its products?

A -Please refer to our Terms and Conditions.

Q – Are Transtox Skip Bin Liners specifically designed to fit into skip bins?

A – Transtox skip liners are designed as a general rule of thumb for overall measurement; length, width and height. The liner has been made with tolerance to fit into most general skip bins. Each corner has a cam buckle to tension the liner to the outside tipping lugs on all four corners of the bin, regardless of length and width. Please go to our YouTube Skip Bin Liner Setup Instructions on the toolbar.

Q – What size skip bin liners do Transtox supply?

A – Liners range from two cubic, three cubic, four cubic, five cubic and six cubic. There is no need to have larger bags; by rethinking the way we do our projects. Multiple smaller bags eliminate the danger of bulk asbestos waste and safely manages risk!

Q – Can Transtox Skip Bin Liners be used freestanding – without a skip bin?

A – Transtox skip bags are purely designed to be used inside a bin and are ‘NOT’ certified otherwise. The skip bin is needed to support the liners integrity. We do not warrant our Skip Liners for free standing purposes and all liability falls upon the purchaser.

Q – Does Transtox have a bag for asbestos roof and wall sheets?

A – Transtox does manufacture a free standing ‘Super 6’ roof sheet bag together with an optional steel frame to up-stand the bag. This bag is purely for flat packing of unbroken Super 6 roof sheets. Neatly stacked sheeting will not distort the shape and integrity of the bag.

Q – Why use a Free-Standing bag?

A – Skip bins are not the answer to every job and years of industry experience has created this product. There are multiple purposes for this product and a few to mention, such as:

  • Large industrial re-roofs where multiple bags can be used upon various sections of the rooftop eliminating labour and safety issues
  • Smaller residential re-roof projects
  • Boiler shutdowns at power stations light waste insulation
  • Various government bodies needs
  • Illegal dumping for councils (Handybag)
  • Fragmented soil contamination (Handybag)
  • Licenced home renovator (Handybag)

Q – How many types of Free-Standing bags are there?

A – Transtox offers four types of bags currently:

  • Handybag – for small broken asbestos fragments and soil contamination
  • Super 6 bags – there are three (3) different types of Super 6 bags to suit different length roof sheets.
    S6-1800mm, S6-2400mm, S6-3000mm

Transtox will be further introducing new bag designs throughout 2016.

Q – How many roof sheets can a Super 6 bag hold?

A – The Super 6 bag has been designed to hold 30* full super 6 asbestos roofing sheets.

Q – After filling a Free-Standing Bag, how do I organise removal?

A – Most Asbestos contractors have their own means of transportation. It is best to contact your local licenced asbestos transport company prior to discuss the scope of your project and the safest way of loading and transporting your Transtox bag to a licenced disposal facility.Your waste facility must be notified and comply by law to crane or fork your Transtox asbestos bag from your vehicle if you do not have any means of mechanically lifting the bag.

Q – Can Transtox bags be re-used?

A – Once a Transtox bag contains hazardous materials, such as asbestos, the bag and material must be contained, transported and disposed of at an appropriate licenced facility.

Q – Can tell me more about tracking your bags?

A – Transtox and its partners are in design phase to provide start to-finish tracking visibility of the asbestos waste from source to disposal, via our innovative GPS identification system. The Transtox tracking system is compatible with smartphones and tablet devices. Currently all bags are tagged with identification forms to coincide with the EPA Waste Locate.

Q – Why track a bag?

A – Clause 79 of the Protection of the Environment Operations (waste) Regulation 2014 legally requires transporters to track a Transtox asbestos bag movement of any load over 10 square meters, or 100 kilograms of asbestos waste. Transtox offers the tracking option via a tagging system to be filled out by the customer to start the process from source, to transporter, to disposal as well as registering the transporters information into both EPA ‘WasteLocate’ QR code and Transtox GPS system . The idea is to track each item and therefore eliminate illegal dumping and to create a ‘big brother’ effect. Not only this, but also to create a well-managed sensis on quantities of disposed asbestos products annually throughout Australia and New Zealand.